Help Wanted: Director of Music Ministry

Position Open For:

Belleman’s Director of Music Ministry

 Please send applications and resumes
to the church by April 8, 2021

Interviews to begin May 1, 2021



ACCOUNTABLE TO:  Church Board and Pastor, Worship and Music Committee

PURPOSE:  Serve the Church by continuing to develop a well-rounded music ministry program

MINISTRY PLEDGE: As a Christian called to serve Salem (Belleman’s) Church as Director of Music Ministry, this person is to be an example in speech and conduct, in love and faith. He/she is given the trust of this congregation to discharge his/her duties in harmony with our faith and the constitution of the Church.


  1. Provide an atmosphere of musical learning, faith, growth and mutual care.
  2. Be proficient at playing the piano, pipe organ and electric keyboard. Direct all choirs (including bell choirs) and train volunteer assistants as needed.
  3. Attend Worship and Music Committee meetings and work with the Pastor and the Committee regarding the theme of each service of worship, special programs, selection of hymns and choral music, and selection of liturgies.
  4. Play music at regularly scheduled worship service or supply suitable replacement.
  5. Prepare for services, rehearsals and activities and be knowledgeable about resources for worship.
  6. Select and purchase music, worship and music resources. Assist in the selection of musical instruments and equipment and supervise the maintenance of all Church-owned musical instruments. Submit the annual budget requirements for the music ministry program. All expenditures are to be reported to the Church Board and shall not exceed the amounts provided in the budget without prior approval from the Church Board.
  7. Schedule and rehearse a variety of summer music.
  8. Coordinate, assist, or be a resource to the staff or other volunteer persons with Bible School, Sunday School and seasonal music programs, staff, committees or persons.
  9. Organize and maintain the music library of the Church.
  10. Play at funerals in the Church, schedule permitting.
  11. Play at weddings in the Church, schedule permitting. If a substitute is requested, permission from the Director of Music Ministry and Church Board is needed.
  12. The Director of Music Ministry shall approve organist substitutes and shall keep an updated list of approved substitutes.
  13. Work with appropriate committees, officers, leaders and staff in carrying out the music ministry of the Church.
  14. Work in harmony with clergy and the Worship and Music Committee in general planning and leadership of our music ministry program. Provide creativity and advice as well as careful consideration of suggestions and recommendations made for the improvement of the program, including to be open to considering alternative forms of worship.
  15. Attend Church Board meetings as a resource and for informational purposes when requested. Attend annual congregational meetings or other appropriate committee meetings as necessary.
  16. Submit hymns, anthems and other service music for inclusion in weekly bulletins no later than Monday morning of each week.
  17. Must be knowledgeable and adhere to copyright laws. Our CCL license should be used as needed.
  18. Maintain professional competency by practicing, attending continued educational opportunities and reading professional journals and church music resources as needed.
  19. Cooperate with the Worship and Music Committee, Administrator, Pastor and the Church Board by performing any other duties when asked to do so, in accordance with Salem (Belleman’s) Church Constitution and By-Laws.
  20. Considering possible changes in circumstances, the above listed duties may be subject to change over time.


Please contact the church office for an application.

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