Our Staff

Our Staff

The staff of Salem Belleman’s Church is a team of dedicated individuals answering God’s calling to serve. These folks use their unique talents to do their job for the people of Belleman’s. Let’s get to know them:

Get to know our Pastor
Rev. David Blitch

Pastor David Blitch


Get to know our Administrative Secretary
James Fitterling

Age: 27
Municipality where you reside: Centre Township
Occupation: Administrator, cemetery trimmer/mower/slave, farmer (raising corn, soybeans, small grains and hay on 160 acres near the church)
How long have you been in your position at Belleman’s: 8 years
Family members: Mom Loretta, dad Jeff, brother Josh
Hobbies and interests: Traveling – which works well with the mission trips at Belleman’s, going to different places to rebuild communities experiencing disasters; Hunting deer locally and making it to the Rockies to chase elk; Penn State Football and Philly sports (even the Phillies when they aren’t winning)
What do you find most rewarding working at church: Being able to help organize ministries and programs to help the church and community is rewarding. Also, being able to be involved with planning of joyous events, such as baptisms and weddings is enjoyable. As I mentioned before, mission trips, helping to plan them is something I look forward to. The life of Belleman’s is a busy one, and it keeps me busy.

Get to know our Music Director
Linda Hartman

Age: Old enough to retire!!!
Municipality where you reside: Lenhartsville
Organist/Music Director
How long have you been in your position at Belleman’s: 11 years
Family members: Husband Tom; Children Connie, Matt & Jess, Chris; Grandchildren Aaron and Maddie
Hobbies and interests: Our Choir Family keeps me pretty busy but the rest of my time is spent volunteering at the WK&S Railroad in Kempton!
What do you find most rewarding working at church: Creating beautiful music to glorify our Risen Lord! I love combining as many choirs as possible to create our gift of song to Him! We have a beautiful Choir Family and I love every second with them…they are all amazing, beautiful blessings!!!